The Resource Efficient Europe strategy is the seventh and last of the Europe 2020 flagship initiatives. It establishes resource efficiency as the guiding principle for EU policies on energy, transport, climate change, industry, commodities, agriculture, fisheries, biodiversity and regional development. By using synergies across these policy-areas, the strategy will be instrumental in reaching a variety of EU objectives, from reducing European greenhouse gas emissions by 80 to 95% by 2050 to reforming the agricultural and fisheries sectors, from reducing food insecurity in developing countries to making the Union more resilient to future rises in global energy and commodity prices.

Aim of the COSME Program is to intensify cluster and business network collaboration across borders and sectoral boundaries and to support the establishment of European Strategic Cluster Partnership to lead international cluster cooperation in fields of strategic interest – notably in support of the development of emerging industries. The action focuses on the promotion of cluster internationalization where interested consortia have the opportunity to develop and implement joint internationalization strategy and support SME internationalization towards third countries beyond Europe.

This approach of combining the principle of natural resource efficiency and the actions intended to develop new competitiveness strategies (cross sectoral cooperation) is the core element of the NATUREEF  in aiming at an innovative Natural resources sector in the participating countries as well as the rest of Europe.