The commercial mission to Philippines was organized the 11th September till 18th September and covered Manila and Guimaras Island. A total of 15 participants attended the mission, 4 clusters and 11 SMEs.

The mission started with a round table with the Government representatives from different Ministries which have in their strategic working lines, the topic of natural resources in the Philippines. There was an exchange of common interests between the Natureef representatives and the Public bodies.

The EU-Philippines business Network introduced the Philippines conditions in agriculture, energy, biomass production and other related sectors, as well as there was an introduction of the economic, politic and geographic conditions to work in the country.

During the second day of the mission, CREA presented a conference about the opportunities and Philippines condition focused in Natural resources services and technologies from Philippine stakeholders from private and government organizations. For this conference, local SMEs were invited. In the afternoon, individual b2b were organized among the participants. For the following day the same agenda were expected, but focused in water and energy in the Philippines.

Some members of the mission took the chance to visit AFEX Asia food Expo 2017, the International Exposition on Food Processing, Packaging and Handling Machinery, Equipment, and Technology in SMX Manila.

Last day in Manila the group visited the facilities of Sta. Clara International Corporation, the Philippines ambassador for the project, and several private meetings were held.

The 15th September part of the delegation, moved to Guimaras Island which is known for the best mango in Philippines and many wind mills. There are big troubles in the territory with water resources and many opportunities in agriculture and bio waste. The first meeting was with the Guimaras Governor who expressed their interest in developing the cluster policy in the province, using the European cases and an example.

During the second day it was organized a meeting with local entrepreneurs focused on the needs of the territory in agriculture, biomass, water supply and energy. In line of what the government said the day before, Entrepreneurs from Guimaras investment forum requested for support and shared the European clustering idea- support of SMEs. In the afternoon the group visited wind mills plant.

Last day, they had the chance to visit a mango plantation and water supply of Helping Hands for Guimaras