Elisabeth Molina representing FEMAC, Jasmina Solecka representing GREEN CHESMISTRY, Mrs. Pauline Cappus representing VEGEPOLYS ,a and Mrs. Szaplonczay Orsylav of INNOSKART, formed the delegation of Natureef.eu n the European Cluster Conference 2016 in Brussels as well as in the Matchmaking event for European Clusters. The Natureef Participation in these Conference was an opportunity for its members Cluster to explore areas of common interest for cooperation and build complementarities in terms of sectoral value chain and market approach with other European Clusters. 

During the celebration,was  launched the  EU Cluster Partnership Award 2016: rewarding  ESCP-4i Projects’ Communication Activities.”   in which the proposal led by NATUREEF.EU was finalist, and ENERGY WATER was the final winner.